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This site will help you take a first step toward better health

by restarting the way you think about food.

If the statement "you are what you eat"  is true, there should be no doubt that Americans are some of the best fed but least healthy people on the planet -- and it all comes down to our unhealthy eating habits.

We don't offer a "magic diet" to correct that on this site, but we will help you learn the facts about your food and give you hints on how to change your lifestyle so you can feel better, look better and live a longer, healthier life.

Our goal is to help you take control of your health -- one plate at a time -- and help yourself first.

Anybody can do it. And everybody should... for yourself, your family and the ones you love.


This website is hosted by Dr. Terry Mason, a nationally known health educator and inspirational speaker. He champions wholistic approaches to health management, the role of families in building healthier communities and the elimination of health disparities for underserved communities. A board certified urologist, Dr. Mason has enjoyed a 30 year career in medical practice. He currently serves as Chief Medical Officer of the Cook County Health & Hospitals System. His popular radio talk show, "Doctor in the House", airs on WVON 1690 AM radio each week and he is a frequent guest on local as well as national television and radio programs.

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